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Holistic Family Coaching

Holistic Family Coaching

How can I help?

I listen and look for strengths and skills that you already have as a parent. We look together at what to change and how to solve problems. I'll give you strategies and ideas how to do things different. I will sent you home with homework and touch base with you on the phone. Change will mean hard work in first instants but as soon as we establish this, it will be easier to continue and have that special connection with you child.

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"We found Sasha's approach very refreshing as she invested in listening to our concerns first, and then by spending time in our home observing behaviours in our son in his own environment, before providing feedback and ways of improving this behaviour. This made her have ability to relate with us which enabled a more accurate and positive approach to improving his behaviour and our parenting." BJF

"Sacha is one of those people who can make you feel loved and understood while putting her finger on exactly the sore spot and pointing it out so clearly you cannot even try to deny it. Her understanding of family dynamics is like nothing I have seen before. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anybody who wishes to address any imbalance in their families or with any issue in their parenting - and especially for those of us who have 'special children'." CP

"Sacha is one of those people who can see clearly what the essence is of any situation, whether it is between parents and kids or people in a relationship, and is then able to say in a few words what you could do differently to get a different result.She never makes me feel like I am doing something wrong, rather that if I tweak my behaviour a little bit, I will change the whole situation. Therefore I feel good about making the change, and it seems so easy, so effortless, that I sometimes wonder why I did not think about it before. But of course we all have our patterns that we often cannot see. That is why I would recommend any parent, whether they have an issues raising their kids or not, and go and get some advice on how to be the best parent they can be. I have found Sacha to be patient, kind, clear, and very compassionate, whatever the issue or behaviour in front of her. I would recommend her to any parent and child." C.

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Tips and Strategies for Parents

1 Look after yourself

As a mum and coach I juggle with feelings such as: I want to earn money and be there for my children, partner, friends and myself but it is such an effort to balance. We need to slow down and take also time for ourselves. To load up our battery and connect with ourselves. If we don't do that how can we take care of our partner and children? So book at least 1 day off in the month or even more when you can.

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2 Connect with your child

What you do for yourself you can also do for your children. Be there for them. Pick a time during the week to really connect with them. Don't think that teens don't need it... they do. Your children don't have to know what time you pick, because that can put pressure on them. However it can also be a commitment you'll have towards each other. When we connect to our children they connect with us.

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3 Help, I've made a mistake!

What to do when you make a mistake? You may have misjudged your child or made an inappropriate comment or perhaps you were in a bad mood and didn't react as kindly as you would normally do. Adults find it often tricky to admit that they made a mistake towards their children. There are a few ways we react to these situations.

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4 Positive feedback

Giving Positive Feedback is an important skills to have. I think that if we can give our children during the day positive feedback about things they do, without over doing it, it will give them confidence. Rewarding the behaviour we want to see more of helps to get "rid" of the behaviour we want to see less of. Make an effort to see those little things which go well and make sure you mention them.

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5 Role model

Some parents are not aware that they are THE role-models for their child. This already starts in the early stages. Yes the little ones who maybe even can't talk will observe you and copy your behaviour. Sometimes this can be funny and oops... that wasn't what I wanted them to pick up on. So be aware and think before you react. And I know this isn't easy, certainly not when we are agitated or annoyed about someone else.

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6 Problems

Sometimes it seems as if we have continuously problems in our family. Kids don't listen, irritation all around, more negativity then having fun together... and actually we want the best for all of us. What can we change or what can we do to react differently? My suggestion would be to first figure out what you think is not going so well and see if that is really true.

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