Social Skills Training

Social Skills Training

Social Skills Training

I teach social skills training to diverse groups of children in school time hours or individual groups. I am flexible as to which time of the day and can work with you to find a time that suits. From my experience, the best results happen when the group is small in number, from 4 to 6 children and there is a mix of behaviour and social issues.

It can be very helpful for the children to be around the same age, due to the same interests. I prefer the groups to be like this because that allows me to bring in the "safety factor" and children are willing to share more of themselves which gives a better result at the end. I also prefer two terms because I've observed that in the first few weeks the children have to get used to me and to the other children in the group.


"It was hard to watch our son struggle through the daily life of school challenges in the classroom environment and relating to his peers. Interest was called upon for the social skills programme to be run within school we jumped at the chance to have him enrolled with Sacha. As this programme would provide the fundamental basics of social skills for him and for life. We noticed particularly a large improvement with our sons self-esteem in understanding the dynamics of friendships and self-acceptance. We are very grateful to Sacha for all the hard work and commitment, her work is life changing and we would encourage any parent to contact Sacha as we are really grateful to for the help and care given to our son. He has thoroughly enjoyed the group times at school and he is now a more confident little person in this world, thank you!" P.

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My approach

Once trust has been established I can speed up the process with two sessions per week. I make sure that the children feel at ease. In school area, I prefer to collect the children from their class so I can listen to their stories from the day and open up to the hidden info they give me. I don't judge the children. I address worries or areas to work on in a positive and loving way. By asking questions I help them to see the best way of dealing with their issues. I ran this program at schools and I've seen the benefits of this approach.

Social Skills Program, an overview

  • Social Skills Program
  • How we introduce ourselves
  • Who we are as individuals
  • Listening
  • Our Feelings (happiness, sadness, anger, excitement)
  • Friends
  • Keeping friends
  • Bullying
  • Completion
  • Optional
  • How we start and carry-on a conversation
  • How we tell a story
  • Playing together
  • Negative and positive comments
  • Arguments
  • Asking questions and making a request
  • Thoughts and feelings
  • Strengths and talents we have
  • Compliments

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Waiting list

  • Mt Albert: Need more 7,8,9,10 year old to make another group
  • Sunny Hill: Need more 8,9 year old to make another group