Tips and Strategies for Parents: Look after yourself

Tips and Strategies for Parents

A selection of useful tips for parents and caretakers.

Look after yourself

As a mum and coach I juggle with feelings such as: I want to earn money and be there for my children, partner, friends and myself but it is such an effort to balance. We need to slow down and take also time for ourselves. To load up our battery and connect with ourselves. If we don't do that how can we take care of our partner and children? So book at least 1 day off in the month or even more when you can.

Your children will benefit

I know that as a single mum it's even more of a juggle. Make sure that you ask your friends to help out and be there for you. Once a month is not that much to ask. You could do a swap and help them out. We really need that time for ourselves. Then we can really be there for our children and be a happier, more balanced person. It also shows our children that we take care of ourselves. It doesn't have to cost much either. Go outside, watch a movie, visit the theatre, read a book, have lunch or dinner with someone, organize a potluck dinner, have a swim, have a work-out, walk, run, have a massage, relaxing evening or treat yourself on something really special. Your children will benefit from this as well. Explain why you do it and you will see that they are ok with it. Maybe not the first time, but when they see that it makes you happier, they will be happier. It's a give and take towards your children. We can't be there 24/7 after all.

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