Tips and Strategies for Parents: Problems

Tips and Strategies for Parents

A selection of useful tips for parents and caretakers.


Sometimes it seems as if we have continuously problems in our family. Kids don't listen, irritation all around, more negativity then having fun together... and actually we want the best for all of us.

What can we change or what can we do to react differently? My suggestion would be to first figure out what you think is not going so well and see if that is really true. Sometimes in our mind we think it is but is actually isn't. And thinking about it makes it only look even worse... They never listen, I have to repeat myself 10.000 times etc...

You can record this by making a chart and tick of every time you see this behaviour, how often this behaviour happens in a certain time frame or when it occurs. Make notes about what really happens and continue this for several weeks. Then collect your data and look if the results are indeed as bad as you thought it would be. If this is still a YES, look at the data and try to figure out where you can do things differently and what maybe in the family has to chance. Keep collecting data as to see if the end result in another couple of weeks is indeed improved.

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